• Sumpena Adi Putra stikom
  • Rusdianto Roestam Stikom


Indonesia's governance to open government is a must do to provide information disclosure to the public. In
this case, UPT BKN Jambi as the leading guard has the vision and mission to carry out the staffing service
approach to the region area of Jambi province, such as transform business functions towards digitalization,
but to realize this, UPT BKN Jambi doesn’t have enterprise architecture documentation yet to be guidelines
for realized information systems development based on business functions and user needs. Therefore, it
needs a planning to define and identify business needs, data, applications, and technologies that can
represent a enterprise architecture. This planning must have steps and methodologies can be used to help
analyze organizational unit needs. TOGAF ADM as a method used to develop the planning, designing,
implementation, management, and implementation of information system architecture governance. Steps of 4
domains of information system architecture development, namely : business architecture, data architecture,
application architecture, and technology architecture are applied to produce blueprint documentation that
can be guidelines realized of an integrated information system based on the change and needs of the
organizational development forward


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