• Asep Syaifudin stikom
  • Setiawan Assegaff Stikom


The development of computer networks is growing rapidly, especially with the internet. In the world of
education most schools already have computers connected to the internet that function for school
administration and in the learning process. In the Woman Lab. Computers PPM AL-HIDAYAH Jambi there
is no distribution of bandwidth so there are still slow computers, firewalls that have not been maximized and
there are no notifications if the network has problems. By using proxy we can manage bandwidth usage,
network firewall in the Woman Lab. PPM AL-HIDAYAH computer and make notifications. The network
management development method that I use is the Network Development Life Cycle (NDLC). Based on the
results of research conducted by the author is able to share bandwidth usage to client computers equally,
able to block web video streaming, able to block social media web, and able to provide notifications in the
event of a problem on the network. With the results of research showing that microtics are able to overcome
network problems in the woman Lab. Computers is expected by PPM AL-HIDAYAH Jambi to immediately
implement this network management in the Woman Lab. Computer


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