• Ria Anggi Putri stikom
  • Joni Devitra Stikom


Accounting is information systems that produce the report to the parties and other interested parties
about the economic activities of the companies condition .Cash is revenue cash received by companies in
the form of cash and securities that have properties can be immediate use, derived from the company
cash transactions both innovation and sales, the repayment of receivable or transactions that can add
other company cash .PT.PuriIndah Permaiwho is the company cash revenue to be done manually by
noting high on the agenda must be made on the books of the report to the superior of a month and a year
.The report made over and over again by admin who are considered less effective future but in stages,
this is necessary so that in the information the reception of a system of cash that may make it easier in
and not complicate the officers of the operationalization. In this system designed prototype system to
answer which is sought by the company, with revenue accounting information system cash was conducted
consumer data, booking fee data, Down Payment, money credit agreement and excess land which all that
included in the reception of company .This research result indicates the data process can be used to
model the solution of the problems experienced by PT.Puri Indah Permai


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