• Irzan hadi stikom
  • Joni Devitra Stikom


Regional levies are an important source of regional income to finance the implementation ofgovernment
and regional development and to improve service to the community and regionalindependence, that in the
framework of implementing regional levies collection techniques needto be regulated as a guideline for
collection agencies in accordance with their duties. Retributionthat is currently running at the Jambi
Provincial Finance Agency which while in the process ofretribution revenue is still manually
experiencing several obstacles such as inaccurate datareported that must wait for all the OPDs of Jambi
Province to take a long time which causesdelays to the Regional Finance Agency Jambi Province in
calculating the results of the Jambiprovincial retribution income ... to resolve constraints is a system that
is capable of processingdata. Here the author designed a new financial information system for levies,
while theinformation recommended for Jambi provincial financial institutions consists of admin
tables,Retribution Tables, Tourist Tables, Tourist Officer Tables, Visitor Tables, Visit Tables


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