• Arie Emmanuel stikom
  • Joni Devitra


Accordance to the nowadays development of information and technology, companies have to compete one to
each others. In order to face the competition, one of the most important thing that need attention is human
resources that connected to salary and wages. PT. Rimba Prajna Mulia took a lot of attention for this factor
because all of the process for salary and wages in the company used the manual process without a system that
able and suitable that occur delays on the payment process. This problems prompt writter to start research to
analyse the old system, redesign the system models based on the result from analysis using the Unified Modeling
Languange (UML) and design the system prototype for the ccompany so the ccompany will have a system that
able to afford the internal control for the company and provide the reports that needed by management in taking
the future decisions.


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