• Dui Astuti stikom
  • Joni Devitra


Cooperative civil servants IAIN Sultan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi is a Cooperative composed of civil
servants who take shelter in the environs of the Jambi, STS IAIN in practice more prioritizing business
Save borrowed. But businesses save borrow managed KPN has not been equipped with an integrated
information system. The use of technology in the processing of the data Save borrowed that still rely on
application program Microsoft Word and Excel resulting in multiple various obstacles faced by business
in KPN, such as: frequent occurrence of inconsistencies and redundancies in the data, as well as the
length of the search process and data access/information. For it is needed a web-based information system
that integrates and can overcome the problems in the field of loan save on KPN IAIN Sultan Thaha
Saifuddin mosque Jambi, both in terms of data processing, distribution of information to members and all
interested parties, as well as in terms of search and access data/information. Information systems save
loan at KPN is designed by using the PHP programming language and uses structured modeling
techniques in the form of DFD and ERD to reflect the results of the analysis and design of the system.
The output of this research is to design a prototype information system save loan on a Cooperative civil
servants IAIN Sultan Thaha Saifuddin Jambi. Expected by the existing information systems save borrow
this can contribute to the improvement of information systems save loan which runs at KPN IAIN STS


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