Analisis dan Perancangan Sistem Informasi Manajemen Layanan Pelanggan pada PDAM Tirta Mayang Kota Jambi

  • Zulfikri Akbar stikom
  • Herry Mulyono


Customer satisfaction towards PDAM Tirta Mayang Jambi services is associated with the level of service
quality of service provided. The use of IT can help to improve the quality of services at PDAM Tirta
Mayang Jambi and is viewed as a strategic asset that helps to determine business strategies of PDAM
Tirta Mayang Jambi. This research was conducted with the aim to design information system of PDAM
Tirta Mayang ITSM Jambi. Data collection method used is through interview, observation and
documentation, as the data and information obtained were analyzed which resulted in an analysis of the
condition of the running system. The system is designed in the form of protitipe which its design follows
each stage of ITIL version 3 area service operation, namely: the process of event management, incident
management (incident identification, incident logging, incident categorization, incident prioritization,
initial diagnosis, incident escalation, investigation and diagnosis, resolution and recovery, incident
closure), request fulfillment, problem management, and access management. The results of this study is in
the form of an information system design ITSM on PDAM Tirta Mayang Jambi City designed based
framework ITIL version 3 service operation area.


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