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The application of information technology in the organization or company is not easy to do. Requires
good planning, co-operation between the elements are compact, strong desire to change and in
accordance with the vision and mission of the organization to be applied. Kantor Kesehatan Pelabuhan
Jambi is an institution of service for the community. At the Port Health Office use the computer
information technology as tools still work, and use multiple systems are not integrated among units that
can not share data or use data together between the units part of the existing work in the Kantor
Kesehatan Pelabuhan Jambi .Therefore we need a plan that can describe an enterprise architecture. To
do enterpise architecture design required a complete methodology and easy to use, TOGAF ADM as one
of the methods that can be used to perform the design of enterprise architecture. Each stage of the
TOGAF ADM can be carried out correctly if the existing business processes within the organization
really should be understood and able to be assessed completely and correctly. This enterprise
architecture modeling, provide guidance in making a blueprint for the development of information
systems to the data, applications, business and technology. For the modeling of enterprise architecture
can dijadian initial step guide to planning and making the blueprint for the development of information
systems at the later can be used by an organization to achieve its strategic objectives.


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